Chicken Swing Toy – A Must-Have Fun Addition to your Chicken Coop!

Backyard Barnyard's handcrafted, USA-made hardwood chicken swing is an excellent addition to any coop or pen. The perches provide your birds with natural comfort and allow them to get off the ground and feel more secure. You can add this to your list of brooder supplies to start training chicks early. The chicken swing is ideal for any coop and features adjustable swings that can be adjusted to a height of 44 inches.

This swing is fun not only for your chickens but also for you! Watch as your flock safely perch and sway. With its adjustable rope and strong construction, this swing is an excellent addition to any coop. The chicken swings provide sustainable and comfortable source of roosting for your chickens, and are extremely durable. Help your flock feel safe by providing them adequate distancing from the ground and ample grip and perching room with the bar swing.

With good quality, simple, and classic design this chicken swing is good price for a little fun for your chickens. It also come equipped with 2 stainless steel carabiners for easy assembly anyplace you choose to hang your swing. Each detail of the bar swing is handcrafted in the USA to create the perfect swing for your flock. Each handcrafted wood product is stainable and paintable, allowing you to personalize your swing! A great activity for the whole family to enjoy!

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