Chicken Toys: What Are They? The Guide to the Best Chicken Toys for Your Backyard Chickens

Although chickens do not 'play' in the same way that a dog or a cat does with a stick or a ball of wool, they still enjoy a bit of fun.

Toys for chickens are objects with which the birds may interact and things that stimulate them and appeal to their instincts and natural behaviors. Toys are not only entertaining for your chickens, but they also keep your flock healthy and entertained.

Here are some type of chicken toys that will keep your flock healthy and entertained.

1. Chicken Perches
The most basic accessory for chicken downtime is the perch. Backyard Barnyard has a wide selection of chicken perches that fits anywhere in your chicken coop. The chickens can then rest, cuddle, and enjoy a restful period after a busy afternoon of scratching and pecking.

2. Chicken Swing
If chickens don't have anything to amuse them, they can become bored just like any other pet. So, providing them with a swing can be a great idea. It satisfies their natural instinct to perch as well as providing them with a fun activity. Swinging is something that chickens enjoy just as much as small birds like budgies and finches do.

Backyard Barnyard’s chicken swings are adjustable in length, provide a sustainable and comfortable source of roosting for your chickens, and are extremely durable. Watch as your flock safely perches and rocks on the handcrafted, made in the USA Backyard Barnyard’s wooden chicken swing.

3. Chicken Peck Toys
Chickens are a lot like us: they love food. That's why, when you're looking for a toy for your chicken, you want one that will let them do what they love most—and that's search for their food.

Chickens enjoy searching for their food, by scratching the ground or prying into corners and beneath stones to see if they have overlooked any delicious crumb. This instinct is catered for by chicken peck toys. The birds love to peck at things, so it's no surprise that they enjoy using these toys too.

Chickens don’t necessary need toys to survive but chicken toys will certainly help your birds become happy and healthy. They're not just for entertainment — they also are a great way to give your chickens the physical and mental stimulation they need to feel happier and healthier.
At Backyard Barnyard, we have a wide variety of chicken toys to choose from. If you're looking for something that your chickens will love but also keep them active, we've got you covered!

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