Lessons from the Coop: What Backyard Chickens Teach Kids


Raising backyard chickens isn't just about fresh eggs; it's also a wonderful opportunity to teach kids important life lessons. Chickens are more than just cute and clucky companions; they're valuable teachers that can impart essential skills and values to children. Let's explore the valuable lessons that kids can learn from their feathered friends in the coop.

Responsibility and Care

Caring for chickens requires a daily routine of feeding, watering, and cleaning. This routine teaches kids the importance of responsibility and consistency. They quickly understand that the chickens rely on them for their well-being. Through feeding and tending to the flock, children learn about the commitment needed to care for living creatures.

Lessons from the Coop What Backyard Chickens Teach Kids - Life Cycle Understanding

Life Cycle Understanding

Observing the life cycle of chickens provides kids with an important lesson about the circle of life. From watching eggs hatch into adorable chicks to witnessing them grow into mature hens, kids gain a deeper understanding of the natural progression of life. This can help them cope with the concept of mortality and appreciate the beauty of birth and growth.

Lessons from the Coop What Backyard Chickens Teach Kids - Empathy and CompassionEmpathy and Compassion

Chickens, like all animals, have feelings too. Kids develop empathy and compassion as they notice the chickens' behaviors and needs. They learn to read the signs of contentment, distress, and curiosity in their feathered companions. This emotional connection fosters empathy, teaching kids to be kind and considerate towards all living beings.

Lessons from the Coop What Backyard Chickens Teach Kids - Observation and PatienceObservation and Patience

Chickens have their own quirks and behaviors that kids can observe. From scratching the ground to finding their favorite spots to perch, chickens offer endless opportunities for patient observation. This teaches kids to be patient and attentive, skills that can be valuable in various aspects of life.

Lessons from the Coop What Backyard Chickens Teach Kids - Gentleness and RespectGentleness and Respect

Interacting with chickens requires gentle handling. Kids learn to be calm and gentle when feeding, petting, or holding the chickens. This teaches them to respect animals and handle them with care. The experience can be particularly meaningful when they witness firsthand how their actions influence the chickens' responses.

Lessons from the Coop What Backyard Chickens Teach Kids - Teamwork and CooperationTeamwork and Cooperation

If you have multiple chickens, kids can observe their social interactions. Chickens have a pecking order and cooperate to establish harmony within the flock. This provides a chance to discuss teamwork, cooperation, and the importance of working together to achieve common goals.


Backyard chickens offer more than just eggs; they're fantastic teachers for kids. Lessons in responsibility, empathy, patience, and teamwork are just a few of the valuable skills and values that children can learn from caring for chickens. By observing and interacting with these feathered friends, kids gain a deeper appreciation for the world around them and develop essential life skills that will serve them well into the future.

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