Wooden Egg Holder - A Farmhouse Style to Display your Fresh Eggs!

Farm-fresh eggs can stay fresh at room temperature for up to a month. Usually, the eggs are kept on the counter in a basket or a bowl. The difficult part about keeping eggs in a basket or a bowl is that older eggs end up on the bottom. It would be best to place the older eggs on top so that they can be used first.

Backyard Barnyard's wooden egg holder is the solution to our egg-storing dilemma. The rustic-style, functional tray is handmade in the USA from genuine Red Oak natural wood. Made with high quality workmanship, it is durable, natural, and long-lasting. With the wooden egg tray, we can display our beautiful farm-fresh eggs while making our space even more organized. It is an essential part of any kitchen, fits nicely in any fridge, and portable enough to bring for picnic or camping.

It comes with egg-shaped holes that can hold twelve (12) eggs in various sizes, whether small, medium, or large-sized eggs. The slots can also be used to store and display all kind of eggs – fresh, boiled, deviled, Easter eggs, or any egg-shaped objects.

Are you looking for a simple yet pretty way to display your eggs? Or maybe you just want to add some farmhouse style to your weekend brunch table? Get the Backyard Barnyard's wooden egg holder today!

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