Troubleshooting Guide “No Peck”  Poultry Cup Drinker

Dripping from cup:

  1. Make sure plastic drum or bucket is rigid and not too thin causing the cups to bow down.
  2. Check for plastic shavings or other residue around the metal stem.  The stem can be removed easily simply by pulling straight out with pliers.  Be sure not to wiggle the stem when removing as this may stretch out the plastic holding it in place.  Check for debris and replace.
  3. The metal pin can be removed which holds the float by pulling straight out with pliers.  Remove the float and check for debris or blockage.
  4. Make sure horizontal cups are not overtightened to elbows.  Sometimes backing up the cups a few turns can help with leaking as the metal pin may be pinched.

Dripping from seal:

If the hole drilled is of the proper size in the instructions, there should be no leaking however, silicone sealant or plumbers tape can be used around the threads to prevent or stop leaking.  Be sure not to get sealant on or around the metal stem as this could cause continuous water flow to the cup.


If you have tried the above remedies and are still having difficulty, please let us know.  We want to make sure you are 100% satisfied.  Please email us with needs for further assistance at .