Vertical Cup Drinker Installation

Cup Drinkers (vertical)


  1. Using an 11/32”drill bit, drill 1 hole for each cup  placement.( If installing into bucket, holes should be centered approximately ½ “ from edge of container to allow for full access to drinking cup.)
  2. Insert threaded side in hole and hand tighten. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN!
  3. If using a sealed container, drill a few vent holes near the top of the container to prevent a vacuum being formed.
  4. When properly installed, cups should not leak however, plumber’s tape or silicone sealant may be used if desired.  Be sure to follow manufacturer’s instructions and do not allow sealant to touch any moving parts.


  • Use concrete or wood blocks to raise containers off of the ground for best access by birds.
  • Cups can be used with almost any plastic container including food grade plastic buckets, drums, 2 liter bottles, and other food containers. 
  • Temporarily remove other water sources and allow the birds to see water in cups. Once the first few begin to drink, the remainder should begin use.  Repeat as necessary.
  • Always keep water in the bucket clean and free from debris.
  • The cups use a float device to fill and keep water from overflowing.  If ever water overflows from the cups, make sure there is no debris blocking the float device.  Remove the metal valve stem from the top of the drinker by gently pulling straight out.  Remove both pieces and check for debris. Clean and replace.